1. Collecting, storing, and using browsing data

1.1. When a User is browsing the Website or downloading data, we may collect and store the following data: IP-address; information about User’s operating system and browser type; time and date when the Website was visited; the Website pages viewed within the.

1.2. We use the collected data mentioned above only for statistical purpose to improve the Website’s performance. It is used to see the User’s actions on the Website, without revealing the User’s identity, to determine the number of visitors and understand what tools are used more often. We do not monitor or gather any specific information about the User.

1.3. We use Cookies to recognize the User distinctively among the other Website’s users when visiting the Website afterward. Loading Cookie-files can be disabled in the browser settings, but some of the Website’s functionality may be limited for the User then.

1.4. Interesting fact tags and electronic images, or web-beacons, may be contained on the Website, helping to determine the number of users visited particular pages, but not serving to collect specific data about the User.

  1. Storing Use’s personal data:

2.1. All personal data provided by the User is stored on the secure server. We use the SSL encryption for the data we store to protect it against interception. We take all necessary measures to secure sensitive data of the User.

2.2. Although we do our best to ensure data safety, no data transferred via the Internet can be totally secure.

  1. Purposes of using personal data

3.1. We use the User’s personal data for the following purposes:

3.1.1. To fulfill the obligations arising from agreements made between the User and us;

3.1.2. To respond to inquiries and appeals of the User;

3.1.3. To provide the User with information or services he requested, or those that are considered as interesting and useful for the User; to inform the User about all the changes, we may provide and any special offers;

3.1.4. To align the content of the Website with the User’s expectations, making it relevant, ensuring smooth use of the Website on the User’s devices, as well as providing access to particular Website’s components;

3.1.5. Starting the cooperation, the User voluntarily allows us to process his or her personal data for the purposes represented in this Policy.

3.1.6. Starting the cooperation, the User also voluntarily allows us to process his or her personal data in terms of communication and sending the User all necessary notifications from our partners and us, including advertising and marketing materials.

  1. Personal data disclosure to third parties

4.1. We may disclose personal data of the User to third parties only in the following cases:

4.1.1. If we have to comply with regulations at the competent institutions’ request,

4.1.2. If any third party is entitled to acquire our company or our assets;

4.1.3. If it is necessary for fulfilling the User’s request;

4.1.4. If some of our services require third-party assistance. In this case, the third party will be provided with a minimum amount of the User’s personal data required for the given services.

  1. User’s personal data access

The right of personal data access of the User can be applied by the requirements of the law. We remain the right to restrict the personal data access of the User if obliged to do so based on the requirements of the law.