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We believe that each our client is the progress-hunter who strives to reach the highest top. Web-Source consultants are ready to satisfy your expectations and provide the prudent solution approach.


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Web-Source is here to deal with any issue. The skilled team will support you and help to find the right direction.

Banking and Fintech Consulting

Stack comes with integration for Mail Chimp and Campaign Monitor forms - ideal for launching modern marketing campaigns

Data Protection Consulting

Reliable consulting practice is what our experts are busy with for many years. Solving versatile cases significantly boosted the storage of our clients as well as expanded horizons of the professional background and services.

Technology Implementation Consulting

During the complicated period of technology implementing most participants can hesitate in decision making. This is the high time to evince flexibility and rapid-deployment and accept changes.

Processes Optimization Consulting

Our experts have over the years offered worthy consulting services to our clients, as such enabling us to scale up and reach even a more the significant client base that is in need of our services.

Engagement Models

Outsourcing is a meaningful component of a strategic partnership and requires a qualified background from the third party. Web-Source has an abundant toolkit to deliver numerous types of service and has the keys to many doors. The longstanding experience of Web-Source includes outsourcing practice in manifold engagement models and the finest ways of their adaptation.

Fixed Bid

A contractual agreement for small-size projects providing specific software services for a set price. It is a perfect fit if all the requirements, specifications, and details of the software to be developed are clearly defined and are not going to be changed.

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Time and Materials

A type of contractual agreement that implies a customer to pay for hours spent for the project execution, plus the expenses for added materials. This engagement model is well adapted to change-driven projects. It is the most popular model as it is suitable for a wide range of projects and activities.

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Dedicated Team

This flexible engagement model implies monthly payments depending on the size of the outstaffed team (paying salaries and service provider’s fee). It is a great option when the project’s scope can’t be strictly defined and when changes can be regularly made during the development process. The customer has total control over all stages of the development process, staff, and budget.

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Good strategy requires much efforts and transformations, and we have all the tools to ensure relevant changes in your projects.