Audit Services

Security is an essential component for the healthy functioning of each company. At this moment, owners and management must realize the high responsibility of choosing the protection system that will cover the infrastructure and assets of their business. By ensuring the encryption of employees and customers personal data, you’re cutting down the risks of breach and losses.


Thus, outside machinations won’t be able to break your shield. Especially, when it concerns to the arsenal of Web-Source audit regulations and safety standards we offer.

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What We Do:

Conformance Degree

We check our clients’ compliance due to the current international legislation and regulations.

ERP Audit

We scan the security systems of our clients and monitor the global influence on ERP apps.

Risk Evaluation

We execute the comparative IT risk evaluation for our clients to calculate their security risks against competitors in the industry as well as compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Audit of Control Systems

We support our clients with identification methods to control the sufficiency in the light of contemporary threats and security risks.

Why Audit is an exceptional service?


All audit arrangements are handled by experienced and certified professionals who know the nuances of the latest practices and major security standards of the sphere.

Project Continuity on Focus

Instructions and business strategies we develop for our clients are focused on the project continuity. We are sure that any improvements you implement for updating IT infrastructure shouldn’t block its smooth-running operating.

Complete Documentation

We strive to provide the all-encompassing audit documentation and bring the clear-cut data for all stakeholders. The assessment results allow our clients to reconsider all ins and outs and launch the improving process for their resources and IT assets.


Any IT audit assistance steps are automated and technology-based, making our instruments totally objective and competent to deliver the first-rate guidance.

Involving Stakeholders

We believe that through the multilevel collaboration of various IT branches and sharing operational insights stakeholders can improve or influence the global concerns and the direction in general.

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