Generally, we use a wide range of technologies, with most popular of them related to Java, .NET, C++, PHP and JavaScript.

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Our Engineers’ Skills

We utilize a huge technology stack from the time-tested Java, Node.js, C++, and .NET platforms to the most recent tools. Here is a short insight into the possibilities of the WebSource development team. It’s only a part of the whole list of skills we can offer.

С/C++ Software Development Services

Our teams of С and C++ developers create software for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. We possess deep experience in many areas where C/C++ can be applied — from low-level system programming, such as device drivers development and development for embedded systems, to high -level STL and Qt programming for creating desktop applications and rich UI. We truly love the power of C++ and know how to use it.


In the world we operate in, you need speed to keep yourself competitive in the marketplace. We provide you with NodeJS services that give you that competitive advantage. The reason is that NodeJS is one of the fastest technologies on the market to build your applications because it uses the V8 engine from Google.

PHP Software Development

With over 50 creative and experienced backend and frontend engineers, WebSource provides a wide range of web application development services, including, but not limited to, PHP, Javascript, Python, Ruby on Rails, and Grails programming powered by most modern frameworks such as Yii, Laravel, AngularJS, React, and many others.

.NET Software Development

Today, .NET is the most in-demand technology among our clients. Our teams of 120+ .NET developers are willing to deploy their vast knowledge of .NET, WCF, WPF, ASP.NET, and the other related frameworks for your projects.

Mobile Technologies

WebSource follows the latest mobile technologies, which has contributed to dozens of successful mobile projects so far and stimulates rapid creation of highly functional and well-looking applications. Our expertise in the implementation of cost-effective mobile solutions is at your service.
Java Technology Stack

WebSource has mastered Java since 2010, and today we employ over 100 Java engineers with deep skills in most Java technologies. We are always ready to share our experience in Java with you on both backend and frontend.

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