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Trading System Solutions

Web-Source Technology Ltd. offers its clients a variety of online trading system solutions, from developing online trading platforms to interfacing with data providers and other systems. Decades of experience and knowledge guide the company in creating trading system solutions that save its clients time and money.

trading systtems

Trading Simulation Development

Companies specializing in the stock and foreign exchange markets (e.g. Forex companies) that are interested in offering their clients trading simulations may benefit greatly from the trading systems developed by Web-Source Technology Ltd.

Web-Source Technology Ltd.' trading engine simulates online trading and allows end users to try out the system and the trading experience without risking their personal capital.

The trading simulation is tailored to the branding and the client’s needs to include all important features, and undergoes QA testing.

Interfacing Trading Systems and More

Web-Source Technology Ltd. offers its clients a package of maintenance tools for the trading system:

The CRM system allows the client database to be managed in an easy, efficient manner by providing data about end users, facilitating in defining trade actions and contacting financial institutions, helping preserve existing customers and attract new ones, and more.

The Back Office system creates a database that includes user documentation, comprehensive management tools, regulatory adjustments and so on.

The security system ensures data confidentiality and user privacy, lowers the risk of hacking and identity theft, and provides data encryption, server protection, etc.

Upgrading Existing Trading Systems

Clients with a trading systems franchise or an existing version of a trading system can use Web-Source Technology Ltd. to streamline their trading layout.

Web-Source Technology Ltd. allows its clients to tailor the platform to their needs, increase its usefulness for end users, choose which data providers or financial institutions the platform will connect to, define the opening, closing and options policies during the trading day, and so on.

Web-Source Technology Ltd. has cooperated with stock markets, banks and data providers (e.g. Reuters) from around the world. Its interfaces were developed over a decade and are constantly being upgraded, so that end users may enjoy easily accessible, fast and secure data.


Combination of Quality, Price and Efficiency

Web-Source Technology Ltd. provides its clients with a unique online trading platform that is adjusted to their needs, within a significantly short time period and at the highest quality – all at a reduced cost.


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