Quality assurance

QA Insurance – Quality Assurance Solutions from Web-Source Technology Ltd.

Every coded system has bugs that disrupt performance, and in some cases compromise security as well. To detect these bugs and prevent them, it is crucial to run quality assurance (QA) tests on regular basis.

Web-Source Technology Ltd. offers advanced QA solutions that save time and money and result in a high quality system secure and able to withstand heavy traffic.

Quality Assurance

QA Insurance – The Perfect QA Solution

Web-Source Technology Ltd. offer the most advanced QA testing services. The company’s experienced and professional QA department tests the system down to its last component, identifies bugs and suggests debugging solutions.

QA Insurance is a structured process anchored by work procedures and predefined priorities, deadlines and client needs. The QA department is responsible for the whole process - setting up the framework, performing the necessary tests (STP), writing the test documents (STD), running the tests, and providing the client with results (STR) and recommendations for addressing problems and improving performance.

QA Testing

Web-Source Technology Ltd. runs QA tests that examine the system’s performance both on the server and from the client’s perspective. In order to examine the system’s performance on the server, the company runs a series of delivery tests:

  • Functionality tests examine whether the system’s performance matches its specifications.
  • Stress tests examine the system’s ability to withstand expected load and severe overload.
  • Information security tests identify possible loopholes in the system.
  • Interface tests examine the system’s communication with other external and internal systems.
  • Integration tests examine the integration of different modules within the system.

The user side is also tested with a series of receipt tests:

  • User-Interface (UI) tests examine controls and fields.
  • Usability tests provide feedback on the system’s ease of use.
  • Accessibility tests examine system use by people with disabilities.
  • Compatibility tests examine system visibility and usability on different browsers and operating systems.

After testing is complete, the client receives a detailed report of all tests conducted, all results obtained and suggestions for optimizing the system written our QA specialists.

Effective Testing Procedures

Alongside manual testing tools developed by Web-Source Technology Ltd., the company uses automated testing tools that speed up the process. For example, overload and performance testing is conducted with Apache JMeter and HP LoadRunner. Regression tests are conducted with HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), compatibility testing with Selenium and so on.

Regression tests are performed at every stage of the project to make sure that the changes that had been made so far have created bugs elsewhere in the system.

Our scill

Our Skill, Your Peace of Mind

Our QA services clients are enjoying the uncompromising professionalism of the company’s QA specialists, and efficiency that is the product of methodology and tools especially designed for software testing. We offer the highest quality solutions at attractive prices.


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