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Online Advertising Platforms and Campaign Management

Interactive media and advertising companies interested in launching online campaigns will find a variety of solutions provided by Web-Source Technology Ltd. that will yield maximal return on investments and new leads. Solutions developed by Web-Source Technology Ltd. have been enhanced over the past decade in collaboration with some of the largest interactive marketing and online advertising agencies in the world.

online marketing

Banner and Advertising Management Platforms

Web-Source Technology Ltd. offers advertising and interactive companies banner and advertising management platforms. These systems allow the companies to track and change the campaign banners displayed on hundreds of websites for dozens of different clients.

Web-Source Technology Ltd.’ online advertising platforms provide a full overview of relevant online activity. They give the client full control of the information by assigning a unique code to every website where the campaign banner is displayed. With this code, the user can access statistics, conversion rate goals that have been met, exposure to the banners on the site, campaign efficacy, number of views, lead details and more.

The banner ad management platform developed by Web-Source Technology Ltd. saves time, effort and money, and allows the client to monitor the efficacy and general state of the campaign anytime, anywhere.

Ad Server – Hosting Servers for Campaign Management Platforms

Ad Server

Advertising and interactive media companies using campaign management platforms have one of two options. The first is to purchase and operate hosting servers at their offices, making the company responsible for server maintenance. This option demands space and manpower, thus raising the price tag on the services provided of the companies that choose this option.

The second option is outsourcing the hosting and maintenance of these systems. Interactive and online advertising companies can purchase a hosting and maintenance package for campaign management platforms. The platforms will then be stored on hosting servers located at the Web-Source Technology Ltd. offices. They will save the costs of buying the servers, storage, management and maintenance.

Web-Source Technology Ltd. locates the bottlenecks that may cause overload for the clients who use the hosting servers and recommends solutions that support a successful campaign and prevent the bottlenecks and possible

InText Advertising Management Platform

Web-Source Technology Ltd. developed a unique system for advertising within existing texts - InText. The system allows the client to choose the words that will be displayed in bold font over the text. When the cursor rolls over this text, a banner appears underneath encouraging the user to click and reach the landing page.

InText advertising platform users can decide on which pages the advertisement will be located, filter pages with inappropriate content, and have full control over the campaign.

All the Solutions, All the Advantages

Web-Source Technology Ltd. maintains advertising engines and various modules in the field, thus saving its clients development costs and offering high-quality, easily integrated and cost-efficient online advertising systems.

All the solution


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