Game development

Game Development

Web-Source Technology Ltd. is a software house that specializes in developing games for cellular and mobile devices, flash games, games for social networks and desktop games.

The company offers game designers and content managers a variety of tools that will help make the game faster, cost efficient and more enjoyable for the end user. It also offers the best and most advanced development and maintenance solutions in the field.

game development

Game Development Services

Web-Source Technology Ltd. has extensive experience in developing flash and desktop games, as well as developing games for social networks. The company’s experts and programmers would be happy to assist a game design studio or entrepreneurs with a creative idea for a game to turn their design and dream into an efficient, high-quality game.

Our game development clients enjoy all the immediate and long-term benefits of our services. They will be assisted by quality personnel, who possess the knowledge and experience to release a good, bug-free game quickly and accessibly. They also enjoy a variety of services, such as management systems and server administration, which ensure the success of the game in the long term, both technically and in the user's personal experience.

Mobile Game Development

The leading platforms for mobile devices require different technologies and adjustments. Web-Source Technology Ltd. assists its clients in developing applications for the desired platform or for a number of platforms simultaneously using the leading technology in the field, such as Unity3D, Adobe Air and Java.

Web-Source Technology Ltd.’ clients enjoy fast, qualitative development, QA at the highest level, insights that are the product of vast experience in the field, and comprehensive, smart planning.

Game QA

Bugs in a game can seriously detract from the user’s experience and make him abandon the game. Web-Source Technology Ltd. offers advanced and comprehensive QA services that detect possible bugs in the game and offer solutions to eliminate them.

Game Management Systems

Smart programming of a game allows the content manager to add different features and change content to create extra interest for the end user, such as adding characters, adjusting the difficulty level and more. Web-Source Technology Ltd. offers an easy-to-use game management system that leaves control of the game in the clients’ hands and allows them to effect changes in real time, quickly and efficiently, without needing additional programming.

Game Engine Storage

Web-Source Technology Ltd. has powerful servers on which the game engines can be stored. This method allows faster data transfer, decreases the risk of bottlenecks, and allows the users to make purchases related to the game in a secured manner. The company conducts QA of the data transfer and the databases, and allows the game to be available for the end users at any given moment.

Game Security

Entrepreneurs and companies that are interested in monetizing the game they developed must make sure that it is secured and that no end user can hack into it. Web-Source Technology Ltd. offers its clients security checks, hacking identification and solutions that minimize the risk of system hacking and prevent loss of money and clientele.

Cost-Efficient Game Development

Game designers and content managers often run into problems of cash liquidity or lack of experience that are discovered after the project has been started. Since Web-Source Technology Ltd. provides its services through outsourcing, it offers a solution that reduces cost and increases experience, and allows the clients to release the game and return their investment.

Our Experience and Knowledge are at Your Service

Web-Source Technology Ltd. functions as the technical development division of Webgames and other leading game design companies, and it takes part in the development and operation of dozens of games on various platforms. The company’s extensive knowledge and experience have made it an asset to its clients.

We are happy to offer our services to entrepreneurs, game designers, and content managers who want to create a smart, enjoyable, and cost efficient game.



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